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Nurse Jackie: “Nosebleed”

Posted by therebelprince on August 4, 2009

The song pretty much remains the same this week, as Jackie gets one step closer to being caught out over one of her many lies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nurse Jackie: “Pupil”

Posted by therebelprince on July 31, 2009

This week, we unravel the chain of lies (or omissions) in Jackie’s world. “Pupil” is light on the patients and heavy on our characters which, given the talent of our cast, can only be a good thing. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Tudors: Season Three Review

Posted by therebelprince on July 23, 2009

As we enter the third quarter of Showtime’s marvellously campy The Tudors (see my earlier reviews of season one and season two,) a lot has changed. For a start, we’re down to only three of the original cast members – Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Henry Cavill and James Frain. The mood at court has changed in the 17 or 18 years since the show started, but no one really looks any different. In fact, possibly due to his much publicised drug and alcohol problems, Rhys-Meyers looks scrawnier than he ever has when stripped down. (Not that this reviewer is complaining).

Above: Max Brown as Edward Seymour, Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon and Alan Van Sprang as Francis Bryan: three characters who will hopefully redeem their season 3 presence in the show’s final season. Read the rest of this entry »

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Better Off Ted: A season-to-date review

Posted by therebelprince on July 21, 2009

This review covers the first 9 episodes of Better Off Ted, ABC’s summer comedy which has thankfully but unexpectedly managed to get a second season. (I’ll cover the remaining four episodes of the first season individually as they air)

“We need a mouse that can withstand temperatures up to 195 degrees.”

“We can do that. … Uh, computer mouse or a live mouse?”

“I’ll get back to you.”

– Veronica and Ted, “Pilot”

Read the rest of this entry »

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Dallas: Season 2, Episodes 17 – 24

Posted by therebelprince on July 19, 2009

Welcome back to the Dallas retrospective reviews. This time around, all the pieces are placed on the board as Cliff Barnes gets a career, Lucy gets a fiancee, and Sue Ellen gets drunk. Dallas jumped a good 40 places up the ratings ladder here, so let’s dig right in:


Read the rest of this entry »

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Gilmore Girls: A Season One Review

Posted by therebelprince on July 18, 2009


Man, I love Gilmore Girls! I mean it. Sure, I can’t deny that the show had many faults – both on and offscreen – during its seven season run, but rarely have they taken away from the magic that the show produced. I’m going into these reviews watching episodes through for the first time in three or four years, and so I was prepared to have my nostalgia dashed. In fact, while some of the remembered complaints stand out greater than before, others appear to have been aspects of time, place, or the unfortunate mess that is the U.S. Television schedule. So without further ado, here is season one: Read the rest of this entry »

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Dallas review: Season 2, Episodes 1 – 8

Posted by therebelprince on July 14, 2009


Welcome back to the second of my Dallas retrospective reviews. This week, Dallas moves to the real Southfork, and all sorts of shadows appear from the mist of the past.

Plot in a nutshell

Bobby finds the third Ewing brother, Gary (David Ackroyd), in Las Vegas. Gary – Ellie’s favourite son – never bonded with his father, and never wanted the power and status of his family name. He married a waitress, Valene Clements (Joan Van Ark), who was rejected by the family. After Lucy’s birth, Gary and Valene drifted apart, but Gary left Southfork in shame. When Bobby drags him back, the family rush to judgement – even more so when Lucy convinces her mother to return in the hope of a reunion. J.R., of course, plots both their downfalls. Gary cracks first and leaves; Valene takes longer to go but J.R. pays her off as he did once before.

Pam and Bobby face threats to their young marriage. First, Pam’s recent miscarriage has her on edge, and she desperately tries to get pregnant again. Second, Bobby’s former lover Jenna Wade (Morgan Fairchild) arrives in town, with a daughter, Charlie, who he thinks is his. J.R. tries to help promote this idea, but Bobby manages to convince Pam otherwise. Then, Pam gets a job at the Nieman-Marcus-esque “The Store” while Bobby starts to work full time at Ewing Oil; with each job choice casing doubt in the other. Finally, Pam’s first husband shows up to cause further struggles, and Digger refuses to accept his daughter’s marriage – instead telling her that she is no longer a Barnes.

For the rest of the family, things are no better. Jock has a heart attack, stressing Miss Ellie to breaking point but finally allowing her to pry him from work. Sue Ellen sees Pam’s fertility as a battle and tries desperately to get a baby – even by buying one! Lucy runs away and is subsequently kidnapped. And Bobby ultimately chooses the ranch over Ewing Oil, which J.R. now has to himself.

On the Barnes side of things, Cliff meets Sue Ellen and is enchanted by her. He has bigger things on his plate though, when he enters the race for Texas state senator and J.R. (of course) spearheads a movement to bring him down. When he finds out a key secret about Cliff, J.R. succeeds, and successfully ignites a second-generation Ewing/Barnes feud.

Meanwhile: Read the rest of this entry »

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