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Hitchcock Reviews: “Frenzy” (1972)

Posted by therebelprince on April 3, 2013

Barbara Leigh-Hunt's last moments in "Frenzy"

Barbara Leigh-Hunt’s last moments in “Frenzy”

Welcome back to the latest installment of my Hitchcock reviews. Today, I want to ask the question, “Why do we still revere Hitchcock?” And, to do so, let’s take a look at his penultimate film – in which he returns to Britain, and so many of his greatest themes.

“The police as usual have got these things arse about face.”
— Rusk (Barry Foster), “Frenzy”

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Mad Men’s “Megan Problem” (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Jessica Paré)

Posted by therebelprince on April 1, 2013

The sixth season of critical darling/reviewers’ bugbear Mad Men is but one scant week away and, as usual, creator Matthew Weiner is keeping his cards close to his chest. In turn, wary fans are already tearing each promotional photo to pieces while having all-caps forum debates on such subjects as “MATTHEW IS A GENIUS AND YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!” or – more likely, it seems – “THIS GUY IS RUINING TELEVISION BY LYING TO US WHEN WE ASK ABOUT PLOT DETAILS!”

Jessica Pare as Megan and Jon Hamm as Don in "Mad Men"

Jessica Pare as Megan and Jon Hamm as Don in “Mad Men”

Now, it’s risky business to throw oneself into the world of internet fandom but as I’ve rewatched the end of the show’s ball-breaking fifth season, part of my research has involved visiting forums and keeping up to date with what fans (and detractors) of the show are saying. A large part of this discussion – the part not centering around the anatomy of certain other  cast  members – seems to involve fandom’s dislike for one character: Megan Draper, nee Calvet. And it’s intrigued me so much, I just had to throw my thoughts into the ring.

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