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Modern Family: “Earthquake”

Posted by therebelprince on October 8, 2010

Nathan Lane as Cam and Mitchell’s even more flamboyant, brunch-throwing, costume-wearing, neurotic friend? Really?


3 Responses to “Modern Family: “Earthquake””

  1. Robert said

    And I would like to add to that, re: Mitch’s “We’re gay, we don’t hi-five,” um I’m gay, my partner’s gay, of course, and we hi-five ALL OF THE TIME.

    • therebelprince said

      Amen to that! I usually try to stay on the “not offended” side of the line, because I know my fair share of Cams (and Mitchells, although less so) but… sometimes, I say to myself “Wake up! Will someone PLEASE delve below the surface of these characters in the same way that made the Delphys actually interesting to watch?”

  2. Rob said

    That was me, Rob, btw. The autofill filled out “Robert.” Just wanted you to know I wasn’t being formal, heh.

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