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Rubicon: “In Whom We Trust”

Posted by therebelprince on September 28, 2010

Not much to say this week on Rubicon. Things are moving along at a good pace, but I’m yet to figure out what this series plans to do if it gets a second season.

* Katherine and Will finally meet, and it’s worth it! It’s sobering to see how quickly she has fallen apart, and what a great moment that was when Katherine hid a carving knife before answering the door. This is probably too realistic a series for Katherine to suddenly become the Mrs. Peel to Will’s John Steed next season, so I don’t expect she’ll remain a major player (has she ever been?), but I’d like to see the series try.

* What a life Kale has. Every week he removes the bugs, and every week they get put back in. The API guys must feel like they’re going round in circles. Kale’s partner must sleep really soundly.

* Poor Tanya. It was a more standard outing for Tanya and Grant this week, and I’m still not sure how I feel about these subplots at API. If the series doesn’t start to involve some of the other main characters in the A-Plot, it’ll be a great shame. The overall theme appears to be one of severing ties. Tanya and Miles are already broken; Grant’s marriage is perpetually on the rocks; Maggie has hopefully ousted her husband for good. And this week, both Kale and Will have reasons to suspect (apparently incorrectly) their significant others of betrayal.

So, where are we headed? Will and Kale are taking separate paths to unravel the conspiracy. It’s only really this week – with the overt threat to Katherine and Will’s lives – that we’re aware that the conspiracy probably isn’t up to any good. (Obviously, we’d kind of guessed that, but from Will’s perspective, it could’ve just been a mysterious death, not some greater evil that needs to be contained.) I’ve enjoyed the muted tones of season one, but we probably need to see some kind of grand movement if Rubicon is to sustain itself any further.


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