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Nurse Jackie: “Pill-O-Matix”

Posted by therebelprince on August 19, 2009

From the LA TimesAs befits the season’s penultimate episode, everything teeters on the edge of insanity this week – although thankfully it barely ever feels like end-of-season filler. But as we essentially got a series of vignettes this week, I’m going to dispense with the usual recap format and just go straight for my thoughts.

Diverse observations:

* It was nice to see a significant portion of the episode devoted to Jackie’s homelife. The battle at dance class was so painfully embarrassing for poor Jackie, but entirely warranted (in the moment!). It’s tough for any parent to deal with a weaker, or less outgoing child, but clearly Jackie isn’t going to take things lying down. The Petyons are lucky that Fiona is so well adjusted though, because I really do worry about Grace sometimes. I think she’ll deal okay with the dance class thing, but she’s going to start getting out of control if things don’t get happier around the home.

* Poor Victor Garber. I didn’t mind his storyline as a bedridden film critic this episode and he’s the kind of guy who can have a chemistry with anyone, but it seems like he’s getting drawn into a “wacky” relationship with Mrs. Akalitus, which clearly means that the writers don’t have any grand plan for her largely nonsensical character. (Zoey was a tiny bit Annie from Misery in this sequence, methinks.)

* Is Jackie’s rant at Garber’s character indicative a polemic on the writers’ part? Don’t judge others as stupid just because they like different things? Perhaps I should tone down my Mrs. Akalitus hate…

* Coop, amazingly enough, thinks that his kiss with Jackie las week is going to have repercussions. After breaking up with Melissa, he investigates Jackie (through the person he assumes knows her best: Zoey) and makes his feelings known. He’s definitely the last candidate in the hospital she’s gonna sleep with, but I adored Peter Facinelli’s face as Coop assumed that he had Jackie down.

* O’Hara only got a brief moment this episode, but can I repeat my Eve Best love?

* Mo-Mo continues to get the tiniest storylines, this week dealing with a spider in a patient’s ear, but he’s tackling them with panache (and did I mention Haaz Sleiman’s smile?).

* And then there’s Eddie. At this point, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he killed himself. First, he’s been made redundant (when Gloria showed some humanity which was nice). Then, in a powerful gesture, he shows Jackie how to utilise the Pill-O-Matix to get whatever she requires from it. And finally, following her home, he discovers her secret family.

Things, evidently, fall apart. I’d assumed that Eddie would be the one to find out, but that makes it no less painful when it happened. The show could be ballsy and have Eddie confront Kevin next week, but I kind of hope it doesn’t. I’ll want to see Jackie’s family face the repercussions eventually, but for now I want things to fall apart one element at a time. Ultimately, Eddie can never be as important as her family (at least no more now that he isn’t her drug pusher), but what will he do when he realises this?

Next week: well, I didn’t see any previews but shit goes down, assumedly…

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