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Better Off Ted: “Trust & Consequences”

Posted by therebelprince on July 21, 2009

Veronica: I confiscated this a few months ago from Dewey the security guard. He had dozens of employee sex tapes like that.

Ted: Dewey? Damn. That’s the first person I’ve ever met named Dewey I thought was normal.

Veronica: The quest continues.


On this week’s Better Off Ted, not a lot actually happened, but we got some great little gems along the way.

With the company being sued for one of their many dubious products, Veronica, Ted and all of our usual suspects are pulled up for depositions. These are the funniest moments of the episode: Ted has both the male and female interrogators in a fluster, Lem outs his own greatest secret (he didn’t actually go to MIT) and Veronica is hilarious in her well-versed series of monosyllabic answers.

Meanwhile, flashbacks show us the first meetings of Phil and Lem, and Ted and Linda, as well as that fateful one-hour stand between Veronica and Ted. All of the flashbacks are handled well, if inconsequential, giving us an enjoyable little episode but not one that astounds.

There’s also some funny stuff from Dr. Bomba (Maz Jobrani) who revels in taking the fall for company problems by claiming he is a drug addict, leading to a relaxing vacation to a rehab centre. Bobma does threaten to become the Dr. Zoidberg of this show – so far out there that any ridiculous line or gag can be put into his mouth – but so far he’s just one of the many quirky elements.

I don’t really have much more to say this week, but I look forward to seeing where the season takes us, and I’m glad they’re not overusing Rose. It’s good to see the kid, and Isabella Acres is great, but she would get to be a tiring staple of the show if seen every week.

This week’s shout-out goes to the 4th Dimension Ellen Forums. While I tend to agree that Portia de Rossi, though the standout cast member of the show, gets an unfair amount of the praise, I also recognise that she’s probably bringing the most viewers to our little show here!


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